Information about us

We are a surveying company. We provide a comprehensive range of services in engineering and industrial surveys, in shipbuilding and machine metrology. We specialize in carrying out surveys for the purposes of geoengineering (roads, bridges, tunnels), hydroengineering, industrial constructions, shipbuilding (building and repairs of ships, docks), offshore, chemical industry (rotary machines, calcinators), machine-building industry etc. We are specialists in carrying out precise surveys of 3D steel structures, surveys within ships, docks and other floating objects, measuring the deformation of objects and their surroundings. We also deal with aligning the bearings in drive shaft systems and turbines. In addition to surveys, our offer also includes specialty, branch-based processing of survey data, including its analysis and graphical visualization.

We are open to any proposals of new assignments that require high precision and an individual approach to solving problems.

Our company, as one of the first companies in Poland, met the requirements for the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.